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The Religious Life of Our School


The Church’s liturgical calendar is followed and pupils are instructed for Reconciliation (their first confession) and First Holy Communion in Year 3. Active support of parents and their full co-operation is of invaluable assistance to the parish and the school in the preparation of their children before they make these sacraments.

Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from religious education. It must be understood that religious education takes place in all curriculum areas and that the catholic values and beliefs are expressed throughout the day in everything we teach the children.

We are named after Saint Wulstan, and each year, on 19th January, we celebrate our chosen saint.


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Catholic Life at St. Wulstan’s


The Catholic life of St. Wulstan’s is rich in opportunities for children to encounter God and to deepen their relationship with Him as a loving, compassionate Father. Below, we aim to share with you and celebrate many of the elements which make our Catholic school so special. Here, you will find information and that we have been up to as we work together with our families, the Parish and the school work together in supporting the development of our children’s faith.


Book of Wonder

Mr. Tate sends out a half termly newsletter to parents and children, A Book of Wonder, to show how the curriculum at St. Wulstan's is linked to the Bible. 

Book of Wonder 1, Autumn 2

Book of Wonder 2, Autumn 2

Book of Wonder 3, Spring 1

Book of Wonder 4, Spring 2

Book of Wonder 5, Summer 1

Father Farrell

Every Monday, we welcome Father Farrell into our school. He spends time in each class on a rota basis (socially distancing) and talks and works with the children on their current R.E. topic. The children and staff look forward to his weekly visit. It is especially important during these unusual and challenging times that we stop and pray and take the opportunity to spend time with God. We aren’t yet able to take the children to monthly Mass but collective worship takes place daily allowing the children to become closer to God through prayer.

Harvest Assembly

This year our Harvest Assembly was led by Year 4/5. We thought about those in the world who are less fortunate than us and how we could help them. We learnt about how festival of the harvest came about. After the assembly, a collection of food gathered from our school's families and staff members was taken to the Great Harwood Foodbank to give back to our community. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our collection.


Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget

We held a special assembly on Monday 11th November and observed a 2 minute silence and we recognised the service and sacrifice of past and present generations. Children spent the day remembering all those  who have died in wars. Thank you for your very generous donations in the annual Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. We collected £320 – an amazing total! Without your help and support, the Royal British Legion would be unable to continue their vital welfare and benevolent work. 


CAFOD and Bob, are regular visitors to St. Wulstan's. Bob has worked with all the children on Pope Francis' encyclical, Laudato Si', and looking closely at how it is everyone's responsibility on the planet to care for our common home. All Key Stage Classes wrote action plans, detailing how they could reduce water wastage, pollution and recycle. We know very clearly that we can all be superheroes if we use the superpowers in our fingers to help look after the world! We have collected lots of Eco Bricks and have two eco-benches on the top playground and one on the bottom as well an eco-elephant! We are busy collecting even Eco Bricks so we can make some bedding boxes to grow our own fruit and vegetables. We have been working with Bob on Climate Change and Joel from the Prospects Foundation, Hyndburn’s community owned environmental charity whose aim is to improve people’s quality of life through positive environmental action. 

Anti Bullying Week 2021

Anti Bullying Week 2021 took place from 15th - 19th November with the theme 'One Kind Word' being looked at very closely by all the children.

The children completed lots of different activities and assemblies where we reinforced the messages about how our school approaches bullying. This includes knowing what steps to take if someone is being bullied, ensuring our pupils know what to do if they are being bullied, how to deal with anyone who bullies and that everyone should take bullying seriously because of the long-term impact it can have on friendships, self-esteem as well as emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

This year the theme was ‘One Kind Word’, emphasising the positive impact a small gesture or comment can have on someone else’s day. Children have worn odd socks to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, made kindness biscuits, decorated potatoes (!), carried out drama activities, designed anti-bullying messages for all and lots more. Our Key Stage 2 children have looked at on-line safety with the PCSOs. Please look out for pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

What is bullying?

Bullying is defined as deliberately hurtful behaviour by an individual or a group of individuals, repeated over a period of time, where it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves. The school defines bullying using the acronym STOP:






The three main types of bullying are:

  • Physical (hitting, kicking, theft)
  • Verbal (name calling, racist remarks or comments which relate to any personal characteristics including gender and ethnicity)
  • Indirect (spreading rumours, excluding someone from social groups, or increasingly via ‘cyber’ bullying through new and emerging technology).


At St. Wulstan’s children are encouraged to report bullying in school to a teacher or staff member or one of our many Anti Bullying Ambassadors.

All our children have been taught that bullying is a choice and that we can respectfully disagree with each other i.e. we don’t have to be best friends or always agree with each other but we do have to respect each other and that we all need to choose to respect each other, both face to face and online.

Christmas at St. Wulstan's

Year 1 and Year 2 children put together their Nativity - Whoops a Daisy Angel, and Reception stared in their Nativity - Nursery Rhyme Nativity which they shared with the rest of the children in the school and, due to COVID, recorded their completed  for parents - a great job done by everyone!

We enjoyed some exceptional assemblies and performances and the children really got across the Christmas message and had a lot of fun doing so. The acting and singing talents were on show across the school were very special to watch – our children were wonderful!

The previous year (pre-COVID), the school choir was out in force over the Christmas period, singing at Dukes Brow, sheltered accommodation, along with singing at the Great Harwood Christmas Lights Switch On. They worked very hard and their singing brought a tear to many an eye. Reception joined the community at Bank Mill for a Christmas party. We hold Christmas Craft Workshop to which all parents/carers/grandparents are invited. We work together to produce a range of Christmas Crafts produced which include tree decorations, stockings, calendars, snowmen and much more. 

Stations of the Cross

In the final week of term before Easter, we would traditionally have a Stations of the Cross service as a whole school. However, this year to end our celebration in school for the season of Lent, we created our own 3D representations of the Stations of the Cross. All of the children in school were involved, as each class had to create their own version of two particular stations. The atmosphere in the hall was one of reflection and respect, which was shown by our pupils and staff. This was a lovely way for us mark the significance and sacrifice Jesus made and for the children to understand its importance.

St. George's Day

As part of St. Wulstan’s commitment to British Values and in recognition of the feast day of St. George, we celebrated St. George’s Day on Friday 23rd April. In the lead up to it, children across the school learnt all about St George and the significance of St George’s Day in both England and other parts of the world. Each child was invited to design and make at home a shield for St. George  or a shield which represented their families. The children enjoyed learning about St George’s Day and the way it is celebrated across the world.

John Edwards, Walking Free
In the Summer Term, our older pupils welcomed John Edwards who talked to the children about his time living on the streets of Dublin and London and the consequences of actions. John has suffered from cancer twice and has had a liver transplant. He then experienced an incredible encounter with God and has turned his life around. He truly is an inspirational man and the children were completely mesmerised by his life now, dedicating his life to helping others find freedom.



At St. Wulstan's, we value the importance of developing strong links between the school and local, regional, national and international communities. Through visits, assemblies, concerts and special events, we involve our pupils in the local community, so that they learn how to participate in a practical way in the life and concerns of their neighbourhood and communities. Working with parents, parishioners, local residents, the business community, public services, and voluntary services teaches the children to become active citizens. St. Wulstan's R.C. Primary School is not a building in isolation, but is situated within the community of Great Harwood and surrounding area. It is important that St. Wulstan's R.C. Primary School, its children, staff and governors are recognised as part of the local, wider and international community.

Lancashire Day

On 28th November, our Junior Leadership Team were invited to attend Churchfield House to celebrate Lancashire Day, a day when Lancastrians are reminded of their history – a history that stretches back to the original and still existing boundaries of the county. The Civic Society organised the Town Crier to perform the Lancashire Cry, which was cried by Town Criers at the same time throughout Lancashire. The children were at the House to listen to the cry, and then asked questions of the Mayor, Mayoress and Town Crier about the history of our great county. Travis, Dominic, Isla and Grace represented the school extremely well.

Look who we received a letter from!

Miss Hadfield worked with Year 5/6 looking at vocations and calls to the priesthood. Father Farrell was interviewed regarding his calling and the children were fascinated by his life experiences. Who better to write to though than the Holy Father...

World Religions - The Jewish Faith

In Spring 1, all the children were busy learning about the Jewish faith increasing their cultural awareness of other religious practices and faiths. 

Sunday 19th January is the feast day of St. Wulstan. St. Wulstan was born in 1008 in Warwickshire. He studied at the abbeys of Evesham and Peterborough, received ordination, and joined the Benedictines at Worcester. He also served as treasurer of the church at Worcester, was Prior of the monastery, and finally was named Bishop of Worcester in 1062. After overcoming initial doubts about his ability to hold the office of bishop, he demonstrated such skill after the Norman Conquest that he was the lone Bishop to be kept in his post by William the Conqueror (r. l066-l087). For the next three decades, Wulstan rebuilt his cathedral, cared for the poor, and struggled to alleviate the harsh decrees of the Normans upon the vanquished Saxons. He was canonized in 1203 and is the patron saint of vegetarians and dieters! On Monday 20th January, we had a special day, St. Wulstan’s Day, in school as we found out all about him and other significant saints. The day ended with a whole school liturgy which members of our Parish family attended and a birthday cake for everyone!

During the Spring term, all classes take part in a Grandparents' Liturgy to which their grandparents are invited into school so that the children can show and tell them how much they appreciate everything that they do for them. Prayers of thanks are offered, readings are said and special gifts are shared


The Year of St. Joseph and the Family

19th March 2021 - 26th June 2022


To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, on the pastoral care of families, Pope Francis is calling for a Year of the Family from 19th March 2021 – 26th June 2022. The Church has always taught the importance of the Domestic Church and throughout the year we will be providing resources for families to pray together at home.

Pope Francis has also called for the Year of St Joseph from 8th December 2020 – 8th December 2021. St Joseph has two feast days, 19th March (Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Solemnity) and 1st May (St Joseph the Worker) and Wednesdays are associated with St Joseph.

In our diocese, we’ll be celebrating the Year of St Joseph and the Family.

To introduce this special year, Bishop John has written a short message of introduction.

The Year of St Joseph & the Family
March 2021 – 2022

“Although it may not be frequently mentioned, St Joseph is a Principal Patron of our Diocese. We will be celebrating his feast day on 19th March and we need to mark that day in a special way this year because Pope Francis has dedicated this year to St Joseph and the Family. That announcement was probably overshadowed by so much news about the pandemic but we have the year to remind ourselves of the important role of St Joseph in the history of our Faith and his example to us in his role as a protector and guardian of Mary and the child Jesus. In the secular age in which we live, we have a special need to “protect” the sense of Faith and all that it can provide for our world when we put gospel values into action to establish peace, the dignity of every human being, the sanctity of life from conception to its natural end and to eradicate poverty and suffering.

“It is too easy to think of St Joseph as just one of the saints whose statues we see in many churches, or in the crib at Christmas. But his influence is strong, as a model of the best qualities of manhood, in providing security and well-being for his family and for his trust in all that God was asking of him. He has been the inspiration in the founding charism of several religious orders, including the Mill Hill Missionaries and the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph, founded in this Diocese.

“We marked his goodness for many years in this Diocese particularly in what was known as “St Joseph’s Penny”, a collection for the poor and the needy, which became a foundation of the present valuable work of Caritas and its wide range of projects and programmes for those most in need in our towns and cities.

“In this Diocese we will mark The Year of St Joseph and the Family together from 19th March 2021 – 19th March 2022.

“St Joseph, pray for us.”

Bishop John Arnold

Resources can be found on our St Joseph and the Family page here