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Subject Vision

To encourage children to become active learners and deeper thinkers, through planning a creative curriculum that encourages challenge and promotes investigative skills in order to raise the standards in all areas of Science and ensure all children make the expected progress.



Science stimulates and excites children’s curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. It links direct practical experience with ideas and therefore engages children's interest at many levels.

Children are taught to discriminate, classify, recognise relationships and select information from a variety of sources. They develop skills in hypothesising, testing and evaluating ideas, and communicating using scientific language, drawings, charts and tables.

As a core subject of the National Curriculum, Science is generally taught as a discrete subject. Through science activities, we encourage the children to observe, investigate, seek evidence, interpret information, draw conclusions and apply their findings to new problems. By the time they leave us we hope that, like scientists, each child will have developed an open, critical and enquiring mind.


Work in the local area, the development of our school grounds, and the development and study of our conservation areas form an integral part of the children's day to day work.

Our Science Curriculum is taught within a ‘thinking skills’ approach, reflecting changes to the curriculum in 2014. We engage the children at the start of the unit of study by using relevant and interesting activities. We explore their existing knowledge and understanding and then present them with new challenges to move their understanding on. Children have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork, research enquiries, demonstrations and investigations. Once children have ‘moved on’ in their understanding of the scientific idea they are then given the opportunity to consolidate their learning by applying their ideas to a new situation. We always encourage our children to review what they learn and the way they learnt it.  We also promote Science as a key part of the curriculum by showcasing it to the school to ensure its stature and importance is understood. This may take the form of science assemblies or by inviting outside parties in to work with the children.


St. Wulstan's Science Intent, Implementation and Impact


Science national curriculum for Key stages 1 and 2


5 experiments to watch and try


Interactive activities that cover NC objectives.