St. Wulstan's Roman Catholic Primary School

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School Uniform


School uniform is compulsory and must be worn by all children at all times in school. 

Grey skirt/pinafore dress

Grey tailored trousers

Red long sleeved jumper or cardigan

White polo shirt

White or medium grey socks

Red and white dress, red cardigan (summer)

Grey, thick woollen tights (winter)

Black shoes

PE Kit

Pale blue polo shirt

Dark blue shorts

Black pumps

Trainers on occasion


Please ensure that all items are labelled clearly with the child's name.



In the interests of safety, you are asked to support us in not allowing your children to wear any jewellery in school. Apart from the obvious possibility of items being lost, they can also cause accidents if they catch in clothing or P.E. equipment. If your child’s ears are pierced, studs only may be worn and these should be removed (or taped by the parent) on PE or swimming days.