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St. Wulstan’s Junior Leadership Team


The Head Boy and Head Girl at St. Wulstan’s R.C. Primary School play a vital role in the life of the school. They are the pupils ‘public face’ of the school representing the school in a number of public situations. They may be required to speak to groups of parents, children and teachers (with support).
Some duties may be during playtime, lunchtime, after-school or evening.


Their duties include:
• Welcoming visitors to the school
• Attend public functions with school staff
• Oversee and support during School Council Meetings
• Make presentations in assembly, etc.
• Support in planning events


The Head Boy and Head Girl need to have qualities that will enable them to fulfil these demands.
The following is a list of the qualities we are looking for:
• Reliability and time management
• Initiative and Commitment
• Communication skills
• Organisation (personal and the ability to work in teams)
• Perseverance and Determination
• Humility (the role represents the school, but at the same time it represents a service to the other children)
• Responsibility and Leadership

The Appointment Process for Head Boy, Head Girl
• Anyone standing for appointment must be able to demonstrate commitment to the school and involvement in the life of the school e.g. effort to work
• Candidates need to submit an application form stating why they would like to be considered and how they believe they will best fulfil the requirements of the role
• They should make close reference to how they believe their personal profile matches the qualities outlined
• Application Forms must be received by the deadline stated on the application form
• Candidates will be shortlisted and may be required to attend an interview with the Headteacher and a Governor.

We are pleased to announce our Junior Leadership Team from Year 6 who will be taking an active role in helping to work alongside Miss Hadfield to look at how we can further develop and improve St. Wulstan’s. After successful application forms and a rigorous interview, well done to the following children for taking on extra responsibilities and being such positive role models in the school!

Head Boy: Sam

Head Girl: Aurora

Deputy Head Boy: Jacob

Deputy Head Girls: Mathilda


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Junior Leadership Action Plan 2021 - 2022

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