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“Don’t worry about mistakes. Making things out of mistakes, that’s creativity.” Peter Max


What makes a good Art and Design student 


A passion for creating with a variety of mistakes. The ability to make mistakes and do our best, knowing it’s okay to make changes. The resilience to explore and utilise different mediums and techniques in a range of ways. The ability to be reflective about our art honestly.

About Our Vision for Art & Design

All children will be taught to develop their techniques, including control and use of materials, with creativity, experimentation and an increased awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design. That they will use a wide range of materials creatively to design and make a multitude of products and use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination.

Children will develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space and also learn about at range of great artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and make links to their own work.

We strive to teach art and design that will excite, enthuse and grow our children creatively with passion.

Children learn and carry out art through our topic work. Our topics allow the children to create art which is closely linked to other areas of the curriculum such as: geography, history or RE. The teaching of art is delivered by the class teacher.

All areas of the art national curriculum are covered and every year we celebrate the arts with an ‘Arts Week’.  Prior to the display of the children’s art work, the class teacher carries out a number of art activities linked to their allocated theme, such as a season, a colour or continents of the world.


If you have any questions about the Art and Design curriculum within school, please come into school and ask to speak to Mrs. Smithson, our Art Lead.


Art Policy


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Art and Design Programmes of Study