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Design and Technology


DT plays an important part at St. Wulstan’s in the development of the pupils understanding and enjoyment of the real world in which they live. It also contributes to their personal and social education, particularly in relation to economic and industrial understanding. DT also enables pupils to appreciate the variety and nature of materials and the ways in which they may be worked. We understand that DT also gives pupils an awareness that they can affect and control their environment, while being involved in relevant, enjoyable and meaningful experiences. During their time at St. Wulstan’s, pupils have opportunities to build up a repertoire of skills in order to realise their ideas.



As part of DT, children are given the opportunity to plan what they are going to make. They are required to think about the materials, skills and time required.



Children in the Early Years, KS1 through to KS2 are given the opportunity to do at least one design and make task (DMTs) a term. These DMTs are focused activities mostly arising from termly topics and are based on new skills they need to learn. These activities are sometimes based on an identified need.


Food Technology

The New National Curriculum (2014) states that cooking and nutrition should be delivered to all children in KS1 and KS2. In KS1 children are expected to learn where food comes from and what constitutes a healthy diet. In KS2 children would prepare and cook savoury dishes and learn more about how food is reared/grown and about the effects of seasonality. The children are given many opportunities to taste and make various dishes and discover the origins of food.



Design and Technology Programmes of Study