St. Wulstan's Roman Catholic Primary School

Believe to Achieve: Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another

Welcome to St. Wulstan's R.C. Primary School.

Learning Behaviours

We are big believers at St. Wulstan’s that: ‘Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference’.

When children have the correct attitude to learning, they always excel. We regularly talk to the children about having the right attitude and we always try to praise effort and attitude in class, rather than results. We do a lot of work, both in class and in assembly, about having the right learning behaviour.

We talk with the children about the different learning muscles that we have and encourage them to have a growth mindset – never saying, ‘I can’t do this’… but always saying, ‘I can’t do this YET.

Across the school, we have five different learning behaviours that we focus on so that we can become the best learners that we can be (one learning behaviour for each half term).

Each of our learning behaviours is represented by a creature. This helps us to remember them all. Together, we have created a list of what each learning behaviour looks like and we regularly talk about this in class and in our assemblies.

This success criteria can be seen on the sheet at the bottom of this page and it can be downloaded for people to use at home. Our learning behaviours are promoted through posters which can be seen around the school and in all our classes, we also have a cuddly toy for each animal which helps our children own the behaviour. 


What is ‘Behaviour for Learning’?

Whilst it may look different in each year group, ‘behaviour for learning’ develops the key skills children need to master to become successful learners.  Our 5 key behaviours build on our growth mindset ethos and show children how they can become more confident learners, who always aspire to do their best.


Why is Behaviour for Learning so important?

 To be a successful learner, each child needs to develop key aptitudes that will enable them to access all their learning to the fullest extent.  Our 5 key behaviours will develop skills and attitudes to learning that will put our children in good stead for the challenges they will meet throughout their lives.  We are helping to build successful futures for all our children by showing them how to be highly motivated learners.


The 5 key behaviours for learning at St. Wulstan’s are represented by five wonderful creatures, chosen by our children:


Monkey - Creativity

Bee - Organised

Meerkat  – Teamwork

Elephant – Listening

Penguin -  Resilience