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Parent Voice Forum

The Parent Voice Forum is a group of current parents who work with school leaders and other staff to develop partnerships with school share their views on areas of the school’s work and help to improve what we offer for children at St. Wulstan’s. This is the first year of our forum and we are on the look out for new members.

As part of our aim to ensure effective communication between home and school at St. Wulstan’s, we have set up our Parent Voice Forum which meets termly at 6pm. The aims of the forum are:

  • To encourage parents to participate fully in the life and work of the school
  • To ensure effective communication is maintained between all stakeholders
  • To be a forum for parents to express ideas and views of their class
  • To gain the support of parents and actively encourage them to participate in the process of school improvement as we share our vision for excellence

If you are interested in joining the Parent Forum, please email




Date of meeting

Vision,  Values and Ethos

  • Vision, Values and Ethos
  • Embedding them in our daily practice

14th October 2021

Reporting Systems

  • Parental reporting – what works well / ‘even better ifs’…

2nd February 2023

The Curriculum

  • What drives our curriculum offer/ What do we include at St. Wulstan’s?
  • How can we improve our curriculum?

 3rd November 2022


  • Parental communication systems – what we share and what we don’t
  • How we currently communicate - what works, what doesn’t
  • Parental engagement/surveys/parent voice/social media

 25th May 2022

Teaching and Learning

  • What we focus on
  • What we do differently and why
  • Homework
  • What else might we focus on?


Behaviour and Rewards

  • Focus and principles
  • Structures in school
  • What works well

10th February 2022

Partnerships between home and school

  • What works well
  • What needs to be improved?
  • Barriers to developing an effective home school partnership

8th November 2023

Finance and Fundraising

  • PTFA



Parent Voice Forum letter

Parent Voice Handbook