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Children's University



The children of St. Wulstan's are currently taking part in an exciting project, called Children’s University. We are one of the first schools in our area to take part. It is available to all children currently in Years 2 to 6. If you are interested in joining, please see Miss Hadfield. Passports are available from the office. 


The Children's University (CU) Trust is a charitable trust that provides 7 to 14 year olds exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours by visiting places known as Learning Destinations. Sometimes  Children’s University publishes tasks on line that also count as validated activities.. Some of these activities can also be provided by school, in the form of extra-curricular clubs, and others are in the wider community, by visiting museums etc.

Every enriching club after school, at lunchtimes, before school, you attend, you earn credits for. It’s that simple!


At the end of the year, children are rewarded based on how many credits they have earned and gained certificates to show their level of achievement. A graduation ceremony is held where children will receive certificates in recognition of their achievements.


Each child has a Passport To Learning provided by the school and their aim is to collect 'stamps' for hours of accredited learning. This contributes to the award of a certificate, with different certificates awarded dependent on the number of hours accessed.


More detailed information can be found on the Children’s University website (see link below) or through reading our leaflet.

There is also a really useful app that can be downloaded, which shows all the Learning Destinations in the country.

We do ask that each child looks after their passports carefully, as this is their only record of the number of hours achieved. If the passport is lost, the hours will have to be gained all over again, and a charge will have to be made to cover the cost of the passport.


If you have any questions about the Children’s University, then please contact Miss Hadfield through the school office.


The codes for the school clubs are as follows:

GIFT Team Yellow4537

Junior Leadership Blue2003

Anti-bullying ambassadors Red4430

Reading Ambassadors Red5879

School Council Blue3940

School Choir Purple5237

Caritas Ambassadors Yellow2904

Lego Club Orange7447

Games Club Purple6906

Handwriting Club Blue3546


Learning Destinations that have been validated so far:

Half Fish swimming Purple4626

Masters of Martial Arts Accrington Green4350

Blackburn Rovers FC Community Trust Yellow5678

Stagecoach Blackburn Blue0339

BEST Centre Gymnastics Blue4289

RVAA Gymnastics Green8361

Burnley Youth Theatre have got a number of codes as they do so many different activities and can stamp for each different one (this usually applies to dance centres, music centres etc..)

Their codes are:

Drama workshop Orange3396

Dance Yellow0822


We look forward to celebrating each child’s achievements with you!


Children's University Graduation

At the end of each year, the total number of stamps that you collect will be added up. If you have obtained enough, you and your child will be invited to a graduation ceremony at UCLan. Hours carry over from previous years so that the children can earn the higher awards.







30 hours of learning


130 hours of learning


230 hours of learning


330 hours of learning


65 hours of learning


165 hours of learning


265 hours of learning


365 hours of learning


100 hours of learning


200 hours of learning


300 hours of learning


400 hours of learning


If you know of a club or learning activity outside of school that is not yet part of the Children's University project, then this information sheet may be of use. Please pass it on to the leader of the group. It contains details of how they can be validated as an official 'Learning Destination' so that they are able to reward children with passport stamps.




This will happen once a half term. You will receive a text to ask for the passport to be sent into school and dropped into the Children's University Postbox. If you miss the deadline, your child's passport will be updated on the next "update day" during the following term. 


If you lose / misplace your passport the replacement charge is £3. 


**Remember the idea behind the scheme is to encourage lots of different learning and participation in additional learning after school and outside of school hours. 


***School swimming lessons are not counted unfortunately.